When it’s time to celebrate, First Sight Media’s endless enthusiasm makes us the perfect partner to bring your ceremonies to life. No matter what you’re celebrating, our innovative solutions create unique and exciting events to make sure everyone gets their moment in the spotlight.

Content with Impact

As video production and streaming specialists, whether it’s an impactful opening video or a highlights package for social media, our state-of-the-art equipment ensures your ceremony is produced to grab your audience. Our attention to detail and innovative ideas then ensure to keep hold of it.

NSN Awards

WOBA Awards

Next Level Events

Our experience and passion for event technology allows us to bring in exceptional solutions and partners to escalate your ceremony. From themed bars to LED walls in-the-round, interactive activities to virtual magicians, we know how to enhance your guest’s experience with endless possibilities.

Complete Technical Solution

Small and intimate or big and bold, we bring your event to life to create a truly memorable experience for your guests. With a dedicated event producer, from stage design, lighting, sound, and video, we provide an end-to-end technical solution for your awards tailored to your themes, audience and style.

WOBA Awards 2019

Virtual and Hybrid Platforms

Virtual and Hybrid Platforms

Did we mention we’re video production and streaming specialists? This makes us perfectly placed to help you maximise the reach of your awards. From streaming through social channels to a dedicated event portal incorporating user registration, login and management, our in-house team of web developers will create the perfect home for your awards online. We'll provide full event analytics, allowing you to track success instantly, tailor your event and spread the success of your nominees far and wide.

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