Whether you’re looking to run your first webinar, upgrade from Zoom, or broadcast a state-of-the-art event across the globe, we can fully manage the entire process through our expertise, experience and proven solutions.


With options to integrate pre-recorded content to the live broadcast, there is a plethora of ways you can clearly and creatively communicate with your audience online.

From fireside chats to live panel discussions, captured live or virtually, our team will help to understand, create and produce an extraordinary webinar for you.

Sophos Webinar

Webinar Studio


Drawing from our experience of event technology, we will help identify and implement the best tools to reach and retain your audience.

Helping organisers ensure you always get the most out of your content, we can include interactive functions such as Q&A, word clouds and polls, Plus, we can work with you to add more advanced engagement options, including language or BSL interpretation, subtitling, gamification and live entertainment to take your event to the next level.

Whether you’re integrating pre-recorded content, hosting live panel discussions or facilitating breakout rooms, you’ll lean on our experienced technical team who will work with you every step of the way. We’ll also work closely with your speakers and make sure they are fully coached and briefed to confidently present online.


From a simple landing page to a dedicated microsite incorporating user registration, login and management, our in-house team of web developers will create the perfect home for your webinar online. We’ll provide full event analytics, allowing you to track success instantly, tailor your event and understand your audience even better.

Webinar Platform

Robust Webinar

Robust Infrastructure

Sometimes our customers don’t want to know how we make it work, just that it will. We have rigorous solutions supported by contingencies and redundancies - either from our studios with dual, lease line, gigabit broadband or on site with one of our custom-built remote studios, we’ll ensure we deliver your webinar securely and flawlessly.

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