Going Green with First Sight Media

Going Green with First Sight Media

In a time where environmental sustainability is becoming more and more essential, businesses are embracing eco-friendly practices to reduce their carbon footprint. At First Sight Media, an always forward-thinking company, we’re no exception! We’ve been committed to reducing our environmental impact, by embarking on our own sustainable journey and making a positive contribution to the planet. Here are just some of the steps we are taking to become a better and greener company...

1) Energy Efficiency

One of the first steps First Sight Media has taken towards sustainability is the conscious effort we’re taking to minimise energy consumption, such as the simple yet impactful task of turning off computers and screens at the end of each workday. By doing so, we’re not only reducing our electricity bills but also decreasing our carbon emissions.

2) Car/Van Sharing

We recognise that transportation is a significant source of greenhouse gas emissions. To combat this issue, we’ve implemented a car and van sharing policy for events and on-location shoots. Whenever possible, employees carpool or share a van, reducing the number of vehicles on the road along with emissions.
We have also begun doubling up on equipment in a single van if multiple jobs are scheduled in close proximity or on the same day. This has also reduced the need for multiple vehicles and ultimately reduces our company's environmental footprint.

3) Eliminating Single-Use Plastic Bottles

The company has installed a water machine in our offices to encourage employees to use reusable water bottles instead of single-use plastic. This small but significant step hugely reduces the volume of plastic waste generated by us.

4) Eco-Friendly Packaging

We have now began using eco-friendly packaging materials for our products and promotional materials. This includes recycled or biodegradable materials, reducing the environmental impact of our shipping and marketing assets.

5) Sustainability Committee

This year we began running our own Sustainability Committee that meet monthly and use the NETpositive Supplier Engagement Tool (HE) to keep track of our progress! The team are being led by our committee leader Kora Slade, who recently completed the “Taming the Carbon Monster” course at Oxford Brookes Business School. We actively involve all our employees by promoting eco-conscious behaviour among our staff and encourage them to contribute ideas. This includes Meatless Monday’s at our offices, litter picking around our local area and recycling stations.

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