How hybrid ETL London kept hundreds engaged for two full days!

If you’re looking to find new ways to attract, engage – and stay engaged - with your hybrid audiences, First Sight Media found the key at Event Tech Live London 2022!

We were determined to keep the online audience tuned in throughout the entirety of the event (see previous article on ‘Feeding the Beast’) – that’s a challenging 6 hours per day, back-to-back. We found that with a combination of live sessions, impromptu discussion, and chats with exhibitors we were able to keep the online viewers engaged with - little-to-no drop-off! The showpiece was an engaging live stream that pushed through the Event Tech Live platform to gain maximum exposure.

First Sight Media deployed 12 crew, spread across 4 stages and a studio, with at least 2 camera coverage on each. This created engaging content ready for on demand viewing post-show. We know how important it is for an online audience to feel they are in on the action as opposed to just observing, so at home viewers were given access to dial into the main stage, live for the duration of each day’s programme – that’s 6 x 45-minute sessions on the hour from 10-4.

But it was the ‘bonus stage’, captured in our virtual studio that really amplified engagement as we featured additional content, unique to the online viewers – filling the 15 minutes between main stage sessions.

Event Tech Live

This allowed exhibitors and panellists to walk straight off the main stage and into our pop-up studio to be interviewed by host, Simon Howard, creating an all-day live stream available on the platform. In giving the audience a constant feed of content, rather than pausing the stream or placing a holding slide during breaks, we created a reason for them to stay engaged and not get distracted.

The solution also created a podium for exhibitors and sponsors to engage with the virtual audience as well as giving time for further discussion with speakers for ‘follow-up’ questions being asked in the online chat section.

And if all that wasn’t enough, we also created highlight videos – available by 5pm each day to feature in the daily e-shot – creating a fear of missing out and encouraging audiences to attend in person the following day.

With First Sight Media, missing out is a thing of the past for hybrid audiences. Give us a call to find out how we can take your event to the next level!