Case Study

Psychological Professional Network - Annual Conference 2020

PPN Video Production

Client: Psychological Professions Network (PPN)
Date: November 2020
Services: Livestreaming - Video Production -Event Platform


  • 5-day virtual conference event production
  • 45 speakers, 14 speakers per session
  • Custom-built microsite, integrated Q&A feature
  • Secure Registration
  • Full accessibility via BSL and transcription
  • Interactivity for attendees
  • Ease of switching between sessions


The Psychological Professions Network (PPN) hold regional conferences annually, however due to the pandemic restrictions the format was changed into one 5-day virtual, national conference.

PPN were looking to include interactive Q&A’s, needed an attendee registration solution as well as a range of accessibility options. Enabling them to continue the discussion nationally and allow for collaboration to discuss topics were key, as well as allowing attendees to drop in and out of their relevant sessions. Audience interactivity was key, as was viewing stats and data post event.

The significant rehearsals, tech checks, recordings and event production all had to be carried out entirely remotely, and within 6 weeks.

Many members were based at NHS Trusts with very strict firewalls for accessing video conferencing software. Each region was producing and running content independently with breakout sessions where delegates moved into breakout rooms for 20 minutes for discussion in groups of 4 people per breakout room, with expected audiences of between 300 – 3000 people. The stream needed to cater for those with hearing difficulties and ensure full accessibility for all.


First Sight Media worked closely with the PPN team to shape the agenda and understand the end goals clearly to enable the appropriate technology being used to deliver the desired result.

All key considerations such as turnaround time between sessions, hosts/chairs of the sessions, working with the wider PPN regions to establish a content style and format that could be applied for the whole event were taken care of by our safe hands.

The conference was produced using software which allowed for custom branding and maintained a high quality production. A dedicated, custom-built microsite enabled the organisers to obtain audience data such as new registrations pre-event, live attendee analytics and data on who viewed which topics. A platform was used to allow for simple interaction between the audience and presenters as well as allowing poll results and facilitated questions to be passed to the session chair. Questions could be posted, as well as word clouds, multiple choice questions and a post-event feedback survey, with all results saved for reference in the future.

Some specific actions First Sight media undertook:

  • Daily team meetings to troubleshoot any last-minute issues before rehearsing and going live.
  • Thorough technical checks with all speakers allowed us to resolve any access issues
  • To manage the multiple streams of content coming in from regions, we created a central repository which allowed for concurrent and independent management of content
  • Breakout sessions were managed with users not needing to move to breakout rooms or navigate away from the primary stream
  • To ensure the stream catered for those with hearing difficulties, we dialled in two British Sign-language interpreters per day who took turns to feature on screen and interpret live
  • Subtitling has been added to the videos post-event to increase inclusivity/accessibility further for future playback
  • When each session was complete, it was edited and uploaded for on-demand viewing


“Getting First Sight Media on board with the conference was, undoubtedly, the best thing I could have done. You have all been fantastic - working hard and staying calm and supportive throughout. We all owe you a major thanks as, without you, we really would not have been able to deliver on what was a very ambitious project. I have appreciated working with you throughout and promise to sing your praises for a very long time.”

Sinead Partridge, Project Manager – PPN SW


  • The conference had tremendous engagement, with excellent viewing figures:
    • 15,000+ sessions
    • 7,462 users
    • 337,861 page views
  • The positive response and high satisfaction has inspired PPN to explore similar event executions, have opened a new channel for membership and have booked First Sight Media for another virtual event in 2021

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