Seat your audience in the director’s chair with 360-degree viewing

What if you could capture a new audience for your event? One that can be a part of every bit of the action. We mean the full scope, 360-degrees of it - without leaving their home.

Technical Production Team of the year, First Sight Media, can make this a reality… Queue our latest piece of tech, the 360-degree camera.

The camera offers the ability for viewers to pan, tilt, zoom and reframe – exploring the full angle of view on one screen! With so much control in their hands, viewers can become the director as they choose what they see and when they see it by literally looking around with their device, as if they were in the room.

360 Camera

Our latest solution means online audiences can now feel as though they are in the middle of all the action, as opposed to just observing! They’ll be amongst physical attendees and part of the tech worlds latest endeavours, to build, as Mark Zuckerberg recently put it, “something that can create a sense of human presence.”

If immersive experiences truly are the way to engage with virtual audiences, our 360-degree solution enables an event’s audience to really dive-in to the action – particularly when coupled with a VR headset. This itself, opens opportunities to ways in which audiences interact with stages and presentations. But there’s so much more! This technology invites new potential to engage virtual delegates with exhibitors and event sponsors – something which has so far proved challenging for hybrid events.

It really is an exciting time for hybrid events as we’re seeing more and more of our customers continue to capitalise on the online audiences they created during the pandemic. By offering these audiences ways to feel ‘present’ in their in-person events – without having to be ‘in-person’, First Sight Media’s customers can keep hold of and continue to convert leads, before they are lost.

Experience the 360-degree camera for yourself